"Developments" at Save The Bromley Cross

  • Posted on: 1 December 2015
Hi everyone
The good news is that the Cross Inn has NOT been bought by developers. We've been talking to the agents, Nicholas Percival, who have told us there have been no acceptable offers to date. But..
At a very well attended Save The Bromley Cross committee meeting on Thursday 26th November, Mike Volf of Colchester Road presented his "Bromley Cross Consultation Document". Mike came to an earlier meeting and went away looking at alternatives and this is what he came back with. Mike's document proposes funding community buildings and resources with a levy of some sort on the building of a significant number of new houses on land adjacent to Bromley Cross. Mike has had discussions with 4 other land owners, Mike himself being the 5th land owner.  One illustration in the document showed 59 houses being built around the crossroads, which would fund for example a new community pub, shop, post office, parish offices and village green. Mike made the point that applications would be made for some of this development anyway, and this idea meant the community could at least get significant benefit from the developments. Three of the landowners were present at the meeting and some said they would go ahead with their plans regardless. The document had already been sent to Great Bromley Parish Councillors and Mike will present his case to the next parish council meeting on Wednesday 9th December, starting at 7:30. The presentation and meeting, like all others, is open to members of the public.
Save The Bromley Cross is anxious to distance ourselves from the proposal. The proposal does not come from us and we have had no input into the consultation document. We will be writing to the parish councillors and district council to make this clear. Mike stated in the document that it is his own work, but the document includes our offer letter to Nicholas Percival and an early draft of our share prospectus, meaning the casual reader could easily mistake it for a proposal from Save The Bromley Cross.  Mike agreed to update the document to remove these.
In my opinion this leaves our whole project in a difficult position. We have being working to a goal of a community share offer, which I believe is still viable. And for this we plan to ask local individuals to make a significant social and financial investment to save the pub. Yet the new concept suggests that if the community accepts significant new housing, then the community will get the pub and more at no financial cost to local individuals. And as we all know, house building on rural green field sites can be one of the most divisive local issues.
Save The Bromley Cross will be discussing the effect of this document in relation to our plans at our next committee meeting on Monday 7th December, 8pm at Great Bromley Cricket Pavilion or Village Hall. All welcome.
We would like to hear comments from all our supporters and followers. Please understand we do not want Save The Bromley Cross to be bogged down in the arguments for or against this proposal, but your opinion in relation to saving the Bromley Cross and the best way to do so remains very welcome. Let us know what you think.  Please email SaveTheBromleyCross@yahoo.co.uk
Jim Craddock, Secretary, Save The Bromley Cross