Great Bromley Village Hall Quiz October 2015

Save The Bromley Cross's first fundraising event on Saturday 17th October was a great success and special thanks go to Dinah Jones and Jane Bates, our question setters and hosts for the evening. It was a highly informative evening - did you know that jockeys are not allowed to have beards, or that Charles II was crowned King twice? No me neither unfortunately. On top of the normal quiz we had a variety of other competitions.  First there was "Guess the Weight of the Bread Pudding".  Then bizarrely a competition against the clock to see how many Cheerios you could get in a bottle just using straws.  The winners had over 230!

In addition to having a fun night out, we raised £279, which will help cover some of the costs of the campaign, such as paying for the commercial survey of the pub.  It was also a great way of speading the word about what the group is doing, and just as importantly, I hope it reminded everyone of why villages needs pubs - so we can have daft nights out like this! 

The next event will be our Bangers and Booze Pop-Up-Pub hosted by Linda and Steve Pinhey at Forge Cottage, opposite the Cross on Saturday 14th November from 7:30. Tickets costing £5 get you a drink and hot dog and are available from Linda on 01206 230126.  Hope to see you there.