Volunteer Rota

The following are the rotas for the Bromley Cross volunteers.  If you can't do the shift that you are down for then please talk to Steve Roberts or the lead bar person in advance, or email info@greatbromleycross.co.uk and we will sort it.  If you want to put your name down for a shift then please write your name in on the printed sheets in the pub by the cellar door or email info@greatbromleycross.co.uk. Could bar volunteers get there at least 10 minutes before the start of a shift.  Half shifts are 6:30 to 9 and 9:00 to 11:30 (allowing up to 30 minutes clearing up after last orders). There are some occasions when we need staff for slightly different shifts and this happens when there is an event on and we are extremely busy from 8-10pm. The duty manager will ultimately decide how many staff and for how long he/she needs them.

We hope you enjoy yourself as a volunteer.  If not then please let us know and we'll try and sort it.  More bar and cellar training sessions will be taking place in the next few months.  If you are interested in volunteering then please email us info@greatbromleycross.co.uk.